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College Essay Bootcamp   (Hybrid)

Join us for a 5-day workshop designed for soon-to-be twelfth graders, aimed at crafting compelling personal statements that colleges eagerly anticipate. Throughout this intensive program, students will delve into a myriad of application topics, emphasizing the significance of style – understanding that it's not solely about what is said, but also how it's conveyed. Through interactive sessions, participants will analyze sample personal statements, engage in drafting exercises, share their work for constructive feedback, and undergo multiple rounds of revision and editing. By the workshop's conclusion, students will emerge with several promising starts and a refined personal statement draft, equipped to captivate admission officers with their unique narratives and voices.

With 35 years of experience helping students get to their dream schools, NGA has decided to open its doors to the public with sliding-scale tuition assistance.  

NGA차세대 재단에서는 많은 학생들을 돕기 위하여 저렵한 비용으로 부트켐프에 참여 하실수 있게 sliding -scale 투이션 지원을 준비 하였습니다.  35년의 경력을 바탕으로 수많은 학생들의 꿈을 이루는데 길잡이가 되고있는 NGA, 이번 부트 켐프를 노치지 마세요.


Day 1 (m) - Zoom                           Introduction & brainstorming

Day 2 (T) - Zoom                           crafting & style exploration

Wednesday No class                   Individual writing

Day 3 (Th) - Zoom                         peer review & feedback

day 4 (F) - Zoom                           editing & revising

day 5 (SA) - In Person                  Final review



SESSION 1 - Zoom  (FULL)   Wk 7/15:  M, T, TH, F   9:00A - 12:00P + Sa 1:30P - 4:30P

SESSION 2 - Zoom  (FULL)   Wk 7/15:  M, T, TH, F  5:30P - 8:30P  + Sa 1:30P - 4:30P    

SESSION 3 - Zoom  (FULL)   Wk 7/22:  M, T, TH, F   9:00A - 12:00P + Sa 1:30P - 4:30P  
SESSION 4 - Zoom  (FULL)    Wk 7/22:  M, T, TH, F  5:30P
 - 8:30P  + Sa 1:30P - 4:30P   
SESSION 5 - Zoom                 Wk 7/29
:  M, T, TH, F   9:00A - 12:00P + Sa 1:30P - 4:30P  

SESSION 6 - Zoom  (FULL)    Wk 7/29:  M, T, TH, F  
5:30P - 8:30P  + Sa 1:30P - 4:30P

SESSION 7 - IN PERSON        2Days:  8/10 (SAT) & 8/11 (Sun) 9:30A - 5:30P

All in-person classroom sessions will be held in Koreatown KAFLA multi-purpose room.

Tuition Scholarship Eligibility

Students with household income below 300% FPL can be eligible for the Tuition Scholarship and will get discounts on their tuition.  The discounted tuition is on a sliding scale. See the chart for reference.  All income limit is based on AGI on either the 2022 or 2023 tax return.


To take the most advantage of the program, students are urged to write one draft of their essay before coming to bootcamp.

FALL 2024 Workshops
- Coming Soon

Common App + Supplemental Essays    

UC App + PIQ   

FAFSA & CSS Profile  

Sign up to be on the waiting list for workshops
2025-2026 대입 원서 워크샵 대기자 명단 이름올리기 (2024 가을에 원서 제출 계획  학생)

NGA Civic Youth Council

Civic Youth Council (CYC) is part of NGA College Prep program focusing on Extra Curricular Activities and Resume Building. CYC participates in surrounding communities and the local government connecting with City Council members, Assemblymembers and Congressmembers.

  • ​Students: 7 - 12th Grades

  • Zoom class (1- 2x)/week depending on project

  • Saturday In-person (2-4x)/month depending on project

  • Volunteering (events, projects, field trips etc.)

  • Volunteer hours

  • Awards​


NGA College Prep

 NGA College Prep is a private small group sessions for student grades 9th to 12th, providing mentoring and coaching until high school graduation. NGA CP tailors and supports students to be independent assertive students managing their college path.

  •  SAT, Passion Project, College List, Common App Essay, Supplemental Essays, FAFSA, CSS Profile, Communication 101, Major list with all college planning needs.  NGA College Prep students automatically participates in CYC program.

  • ​Students: 9 - 12th Grades 

  • Zoom class (2x weekly)

  • Saturday in-person (4x monthly)

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