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Welcome to Meet-A-Mentor!

Juniors and Seniors!  What is one of the biggest dilemma of high school life?  Scheduling classes?  Choosing extra curricular activities?  Deciding on your major?  Most definitely choosing your major ranks at the top!  


Choosing your major, choosing of  what you will do as your career for the rest of your life supposedly, has to be the hardest decision to make as a young and inexperienced person.  Then what is the best way to choose your major and your career?  There is no wrong or right answer, but they say the fastest way to become successful is by following the footsteps of those who already are.  Then what is the best way to choose your career?  By meeting professionals who are already successful in their field!

Come meet your future colleagues!  Talk to professionals who are  working in  your dream jobs!  RSVP to the upcoming Meet-A-Mentor event!

Our Awesome Mentors

Andrew Murphy.jpg

Andrew Murphy ​장태수

Managing Director

Andrew Murphy.jpg


Head of Sales

Andrew Murphy.jpg


Product Manager

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