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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

NGA Congress is a Civic Engagement incubator that teaches Middle School and High School students to become active and empowered participants in ALL levels of our democracy.

Our Story

Next Generation Advocates was founded in 2018 during the times when Koreatown was faced with division of local Wilshire Center Koreatown Neighborhood Council, proposing renaming 70% of its territories.  Election was held to be voted by stakeholders and community at large to determine the fate of WCKNC which included the biggest ethnic town in the world - Koreatown of Los Angeles. Grassroots movement began garnering 33,000 voter registration in under 6 weeks ultimately winning the election 98.5% with over 25,000 votes in favor of keeping the current WCKNC territories on the map.   This movement broke all possible records of election in US, igniting the power to unite, civic engagement and uplifting the power of political empowerment of the Korean American communities in the US.

Hybrid Class: Weekly Meetings

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